Don’t just do it… Do it right!

Please accept a heartfelt welcome from our team of Disney fan-atics. We’re working hard to bring you the latest from the wonderful world of Disney, so check back often, and join us in Doin’ Disney Right!

This is an exciting time to be a Disney devotee. Disney invented most of the markets that they dominate today, and the many additions to the parks, movies, tv, and other offerings have expanded the Disney empire to the thrill of fans everywhere. Here at DoinDisneyRight, we’re looking forward to sampling everything that Disney has to offer, just like you. We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for Galaxy’s Edge to open. We’re saving our pennies for the new Disney+ streaming service. We’re still reveling in the fun and adventure of Pixar Pier. And our tummies are stuffed with the delectable delicacies of the Food & Wine festival.

As much as we can’t wait for Jack Skelington and his crew to return for Halloween and Christmas, first, we’ve got three months of Summer fun just around the corner. So, all you DisNerds, enjoy your Grad Night all-nighters and strap on your X-wing gear and get ready for an amazing year!

-DoinDisneyRight Staff


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