What Does “Doin’ Disney Right” Mean to Us?

I’m a father. Being a father is a key part of who I am. It’s one of the most important things I’ll ever do. It gives me tremendous joy. I’ve been a dad for so long now that I can scarcely recall not being a dad. What I do remember about non-dad-me is that he was way thinner and way cooler than dad-me. I’ve been a dad for so long that young dad-me wouldn’t even recognize current dad-me. The other day I realized that I’d turned into Norm from this old house. Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s awesome, I’m just not sure how it happened.

Dear ole dad's workbench

What was I saying? Oh yeah, one of the things I’ve learned about being a dad is that showing up is critical. Being there is critical. A corollary to that is that when you’re there, you need to make memories. Those together times, and the memories we make during those times, form the glue that binds our family together. It gives us a shared history and a shared identity. It’s what makes us the family that we are. And my wife and kids have taught me that it can’t stop at making memories either, you have to have the pics and the vids and you have to splash them all over the walls and the internet.

So, my wife and I have tried to develop activities that we do regularly as a family – ones that give us that together time and those happy memories. Going to Disneyland is one of those. We visit the happiest place on earth regularly, and we take as many of our crew as we can. It’s a sacrifice because we don’t live in California, we have a large crew, and, well, we’re not rich (please don’t send money or start a GoFundMe campaign, we’re fine). But over many years of making these pilgrimages, we’ve amassed a thousand happy, giggling, laughing, snorting, crazy memories with our kids, our families, and our friends. And some of the most outrageous Splash Mountain pose-pics you’ll ever see 🙂

Hangin' by Haunted Mansion

As a result, not only have we strengthened our family ties, but each member of my family has found a special interest in the world of Disney, from animation to collectibles to imagineering to the man himself, and more (you’ll see posts about all of these in the coming months). In short, we’ve become confirmed DisNerds.

One of the most enjoyable parts of this is that we’ve been able to help other families have the same kinds of wonderful family experiences by sharing our Disney knowledge with them. I remember one morning in Disneyland, I was walking down Main Street USA with my daughter, talking about the famed Windows on Main Street, when we realized that a group of people was following along and listening in. After I answered a few questions from the group, we had a good laugh when I told them it wasn’t a tour. It was then that I realized that we had gathered so much Disney insider information, and fielded so many Disney questions over the years, that we needed to find a way of sharing that information with more than just those closest to us.

Zippity Doo Dah Day at Disneyland
So, that’s what this blog is about for us – sharing the knowledge, sharing the interest, sharing the memories, and sharing the love, so we can all maximize the experience by DoinDisneyRight!



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11 comments On What Does “Doin’ Disney Right” Mean to Us?

  • Great blog! Can’t wait to read more. Can’t wait to go back to Disneyland or Disney anything. What is it that drives us crazy if we don’t go back again and again. You would think after 50+ times being there, I would be bored of it all. nope

    • BabyBizLiz, you appear to be suffering from a common, but harrowing illness, Disney withdrawal. Nil desperandum, my friend, this has a fast-acting cure, simply get yourself to a Disney facility as soon as possible. And thanks so much for reading our blog, and for your comments. We will do our best to post fun, interesting, and informative Disney content, which will hopefully stave off your withdrawals until your next trip 🙂

  • Love your blog. You are all talented, entertaining, insightful writers. Great tips for visiting the happiest place on earth.

  • Love your blog. You are all talented, entertaining, insightful writers. Great tips for visiting the happiest place on earth.

    • Thanks so much for checking out our blog and for your support, we’re enjoying the chance to share our Disney knowledge and passion with everyone. Please come back often, and keep on DoinDisneyRight

  • Dr. Mickey Mark,
    I love the pen name, by the way. What a fabulous blog you’ve created. I can’t wait to read all your “insider” tips for me and my family. I’ve been to Disneyland nearly every year since it opened but you are much more knowledgeable than I about the Disney secrets! Thanks,

    • Thanks for checking out our blog and for your very kind words! We appreciate the support, and the chance to hob nob with awesome DisFans like yourself! Looking forward to many happy posts that we hope will bring a smile to your face. Have a zippity doo dah day! And as always… keep DoinDisneyRight

  • Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and excitement you have about going to Disneyland. It ‘s fun to see you and your family get the most out of your Disneyland adventures.

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