How to Survive Disney Pregnant – Part II

Anyone who has gone through a pregnancy knows that you really do just have to “survive” at times. As I was going over my Disney trip details, I wondered what I could do to help my trip be as dis-tastic as possible no matter what my body threw at me. Being an experienced Disney goer, I pulled together all my knowledge to share with you how I made my trip to Disneyland not only comfortable but supercalifragilistic as well.

My best piece of advice I could ever give is to be prepared.

Be prepared both mentally and physically! Being prepared mentally really helped calm my anxiety about the possibility of throwing up in the bushes in front of a cast member (yes this has me…on more than one occasion unfortunately). I recommend having a plan for anything that you might need. (well duh, you say) For me it was knowing exactly where all the bathrooms were in both parks, and I also wanted to know where the closest hospital was, just in case. (UCI Medical Center is the closest in case you were wondering 😊) I absolutely recommend memorizing the maps of the parks you will be going to as well, especially if any part of the park will be closed during your visit. I highly recommend downloading the disney parks app before your trip.

Physically, be smart about your visit to the parks. Bring a water bottle. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone sitting on a bench extremely dehydrated or have watched people in line almost collapse from the heat. Staying hydrated is crucial while pregnant, just bring the water bottle and make sure it’s always full. You can also get a cup of water at any counter service in the park (or ask for ice to refill your water bottle).


Staying hydrated and cool in Carsland!

Along with hydration comes sunscreen and don’t forget the hat! I like to buy a hat my first day in the park as my souvenir because they’re all just so dang cute, but that’s just what I like to do. Call it tradition if you will. 😊 Now, if you’re fair skinned like me then you understand just how easy it is to get burnt to a crisp and look like a lobster the rest of your trip. I avoid the lobster pictures with my favorite sunscreen, which is “Ultra Defense” by Banana Boat, it has 100spf with aloe vera. It’s the only one I’ve found to keep my skin blinding white (as long as I follow my every 30min re-spray routine) my entire trip. I’ve also recently started bringing a mini misting fan and a cooling scarf that have really helped with the heat. And yes, you might feel a bit silly the first time you use a cooling scarf. But then again, everyone around you is wearing mouse ears on their head. (which I also recommend)


We like our hats 🙂

Next, always have a snack on hand. As a pregnant woman I’m constantly in need of a little snack in between meals. (actually I’m always hungry even when not pregnant :’))Meals can get pretty pricey in the park and I totally get not wanting to spend money on a meal when you just need a little snack, so save yourself some rumblies in your cute prego tumblies and bring some snacks with you. To make things even easier, don’t forget a backpack! You will regret it if you don’t bring a bag of some sort.

Last piece of preparedness advice, wear the comfy shoes! I struggled with this one for a looooooong time because the comfy shoes aren’t always the cute shoes, and I’m quite the fashionista so this was a battle. Eventually after much pain and agony (and finally agreeing to let my husband pick out shoes that would be good for me) I finally got a pair of decently cute extremely comfy sandals (which I will be writing about in another post) that I am now in love with, annnnd they have saved my feet on countless adventures.


Super comfy shoes always win at Disney

Long boring advice short, just do a “dummy” check, as we like to call it in our family; hat, sunscreen, water bottle, backpack, snacks, comfy shoes and most importantly don’t ever forget your ticket.

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