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Disneyland by night 2016

Our contributors are family and friends with long and varied experience in the wide world of Disney.  Each of us has a passion for the magic of Disney, and has expertise in one or more areas of interest, including such things as Disney history, movies, collectibles, parks, and more.  We have spent considerable time at Disney parks in the US and abroad, and many of us have performed at Disney parks as well.

Disneyland Paris 2017
Now for the credibility test:
Are we Annual Passport holders?  Check.
Are we D23 fan club members?  You betcha.
Have we done extensive research on Disney?  You know it.
Have we collected highly prized Disney artifacts?  Heck yeah.
Do we have some great Disney books?  There’s nothing else in our library 🙂
Have we eaten Walt’s favorite meatloaf?  Of course
Do we stump Disney cast members with our trivia questions?  All the time!
Have we made the pilgrimage to Marceline?  The WDHM folks are our buds
Have we sat under the Dreamin’ Tree?  It changed our lives
Are we Club 33 members?  Ha!  We’ll never tell 😉
Do we have epic pose-pics from Tower and Splash? Do we ever
And the most important question of all:  Are we excited to share all of our Disney experiences with you, our new friends?  Absolutely!  How else can we all keep DoinDisneyRight?
Opening of Cars Land


Have a wonderful Disney day, and come back often!
-DoinDisneyRight Staff

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